Blockchain technology is a new and multi-disciplinary field. You can't learn how it works from a book. I try to understand it from the inside by playing different roles: trader, miner, investor, financial analyst, developer, advisor, educator. I write about crypto on Twitter and Hive.

In March 2020, I moved my blog on the blockchain from Steem to Hive, which was created by Steem users after investor/self-promotor Justin Sun bought the company Steemit and took over power on the Steem blockchain, turning it into a centralized, censored website.

As an active member of the Monero Enterprise Alliance, I organize the Monero Meetup Utrecht and I maintain the Moneristoj Twitter list. In 2017, I visited the conferences The Future Of Bitcoin in Arnhem and Steemfest 2 in Lisbon.

I'm not impartial, I don't want to be a spectator during a revolution. The only reason I don't own a significant amount of coins is that I spent them all in order to spend my time studying the technology. As of March 2020, I own less than 1 bitcoin in cryptocurrencies; check my Hive balance and my Monero balance.

Ned Scott at Steemfest 2, Lisbon 2017
Ryan X. Charles at The Future of Bitcoin, Arnhem 2017


Esperanto kaj Monero

Word List

Monero means 'coin' in Esperanto, so we wanted to create an Esperanto word list for Monero's mnemonic seed (recovery phrase). With some help from other volunteers, I managed to compile a list of the required 1626 words. To make it more convenient for users, the list contains only words without any diacritics, while each word is still unique when it's truncated to the first three letters.

Train carriage reading newspapers - All this technology is making us antisocial

News on the blockchain

Since news media need to find a better source of income than advertizing, I developed a concept for a news channel on the Steem blockchain, where posts are rewarded for upvotes.

As a test, I wrote about the Polish city of Kraków while the Steemfest 3 conference was held there - without visiting Kraków, because I'd already run out of money.

Not Satoshi: Craig S. Wright in Arnhem

We Are All Satoshi

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin on January 3, 2019, I created a token called WAAS on the Waves platform. That's short for We Are All Satoshi.

I'm giving away 2,100,000,000,000,000 WAAS tokens to anyone who will ask for them. In order to show the value of such a token, I created the maximum number of units possible for a Waves token: 263–2.