Experienced English-to-Dutch translator


I'm active in the cryptocurrency scene in various roles. I organize a local Monero meetup, I visited conferences, I participate in technical discussions about protocols, I used to trade altcoins and I write articles about cryptocurrencies.


Since 2002, I've been working as a freelance translator and proofreader, specializing in software localization and finance. I only translate from English to Dutch, my native language.

Blockchain Translator

I'm proud to have translated two websites and the Monerujo app for The Monero Project, funded by donations from the community.

For your global crypto website

Do you want your crypto app or service to look professional? Then you'll need professional translators. As a translator with a solid background in both language and technology, I can take care of the Dutch translation. I write fluent, natural texts that don't read like translations, and I make sure to use terminology consistently.

This website is a showcase of my wide-ranging experience.

I'm also available to give advice about blockchain technology.

Of course, you can pay me in cryptocurrencies, for example Monero, Bitcoin, Ether or Hive.

Edwin den Boer

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