CV Translator Resume

A version in PDF is available on request.

Name: Edwin den Boer
Nationality: Dutch
Born: 1971

Company name: Woordenboer

Residence: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Edwin den Boer

My mission is to help people and computers understand each other. Since I have a background in both literature and IT, I’m able to explain technical issues in natural, fluent translations.

  • Since March 2002, I'm a self-employed translator, translating software, documentation, websites and financial texts from English to Dutch.
  • Since April 2016, I studied blockchain technology every day and traded cryptocurrencies.
  • In September and October 2010, I wrote an advice book in Dutch about how to convince people, published in January 2011.
  • I gave a presentation at two ProZ Conferences for translators: Soesterberg/Amersfoort 2009 and Rotterdam 2015.
  • From August 2003 until May 2006, I wrote news reports for Quotenet, a business and lifestyle blog.
  • From August 1998 until March 2002, I worked as a computer programmer for TNS-NIPO in Amsterdam, the leading market research company in the Netherlands (now known as Kantar Nederland).

2001-2002: General publishing course (Opleiding Uitgeverij, VOB)
1996: Marketing certificate (NIMA-A)
1990-1998: Master of Arts in Literary Studies from Utrecht University, with distinction
1989-1990: Completed the first year of the translation school in Maastricht (currently Hogeschool Zuyd, Vertaalacademie); languages: English (major) and Spanish (minor)

As a university student, I took linguistics and translation courses, wrote reviews of PhD dissertations, represented students on the department board, and read primary and secondary literature in Dutch, English, French and German.

Since most of my clients require complete confidentiality, I can’t mention their names here. But I have translated or edited texts for the following types of products:

  • ERP software, including accounting, financial reporting, HRM, CRM, supply chain management and education administration
  • Cloud storage and backup services
  • Online and offline spreadsheet and database software
  • Help files and documentation for an operating system
  • Online help for general and specialized search engines
  • Planning software, including flowcharts, schedules, logistics and project management
  • An antivirus FAQ
  • A map and navigation system
  • A point-of-sale system for restaurants
  • Professional messaging software
  • Instructions for datacenter maintenance
  • Internal training for a new ERP system in the food industry
  • Consumer electronics manuals
  • A hardware manufacturer’s internal communication
  • Ads and newsletters for another hardware manufacturer
  • A bank’s market analysis newsletters for investors
  • Manuals for industrial printing and machining equipment

Software: Deja Vu X3, SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance Plus; Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu); Git Bash, Notepad++, Dropbox Pro, FileZilla FTP

Specialized dictionaries: Computable ICT Woordenboek, Kluwer Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek, Lexicon Financieel Management, NIMA Marketing Lexicon, Terminologie Financieel Management